Instagram For Business

Many people have yet to realize the full potential of Instagram as a business tool. Instagram provides companies a place to advertise their campaign in the pursuit of gaining new customers from all around the globe. In this article I want to talk about some great and simple, yet commonly overlooked, tips that will significantly boost your business’ influence on Instagram.

Employ Target Marketing & Hashtags

The use of hashtags can be somewhat tricky, but with a little practice and a grain of experience it can prove to be an extremely powerful tool to acquire new followers and perhaps later convert them to real customers. The first common mistake starting businesses make is avoiding hashtags because they think it is a teenager thing, while it is absolutely not. Hashtags are designed to optimize Instagram search engine. For you, as a business, having hashtags that are relevant to your content will produce a flow of instagram users that are genuinely interested in what you offer. The rest is left to the actual quality of your services, but that is another case. The important thing is that the interested people are already viewing your products, goods or services. This approach is called target marketing, that is when you aim your service towards a selected group of consumers. Therefore, do not try to overlook hashtags – they are there – available at your disposal in order to get a grip around that certain customer group.


Link All Social Media Together

Instagram is big, no doubt. Despite that fact, numerous people would still prefer to use other social media for their daily news feed such as Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube. It is a matter of convenience and personal preference, really. Therefore, there is no reason for you to limit the promotion of your ideas to just Instagram. Start posting links to your other social media and hit the market with a storm! Twitter may not prove to be an excellent picture sharing media (it isn’t) such as Instagram, but if those 10% that pass your Instagram content are frequent Twitter users, then go ahead and drop that link to your bluebird page already. That way, those people will be less likely to miss out on your updates – since there is nothing stopping you from tweeting a link back to your Instagram page the same day in the evening.


Vary Your Content

Sure you are using Instagram for business and you’ve got to earn your daily bread. But it is important to remember that your followers have yet to become your real customers, there is a clear distinction. Try to mix up your content, you should first earn your followers’ trust by posting free offers. Then later, once you have established that trust – go for a sure sale. This way, you make sure that:

1. Your new visitors realize that you are not just about emptying their wallets, but that you are a trustworthy brand.

2. Your old customers stay interested in your company’s services.

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